Movement Retraining

Improve the way you move! We will help you locate biomechanical inefficiencies and retrain those movements to increase strength, improve flexibility, and maximize your performance potential. In addition, movement retraining helps prevent injury in the future.

Each Movement Retraining session includes:

  • Individualized program based on your Movement Performance Assessment results and your sport-specific goals
  • Movement-based exercises, perfected with the use of the most advanced suite of technology in the Midwest:
    • Video-based software for movement playback during appointment
    • High-speed cameras that capture 120 images per second
    • Wireless EMG sensors to make sure the right muscles are working the right way
    • Biodex System 4 Isokinetics to detect and correct any compensations due to strength deficits
  • Progression of exercises to build on the athlete’s solid foundation with each new challenge
  • Individual or team/group training available

Please call (920) 430-4890 for pricing, as health insurance coverage may apply and may vary.
Team and group rates are also available. Each assessment is 90 minutes.