Philanthropy in Action

Many of the facilities and technology that we offer to our patients would not be possible without the charitable donations and gifts received over the years. Here are some of the tangible results of contributions made to Bellin Health.

Fulwiler Family Surgical Center

Located on the 6th floor of Bellin Hospital, The Family of WS Packaging founder Raymond Fulwiler has chosen to honor his legacy by helping other families from the Northeast Wisconsin Region through The Bellin Foundation. The Surgical 6th floor at Bellin Hospital was dedicated in August 2007 as The Fulwiler Surgical Center, Following a gift from the Terry and Kris Fulwiler Charitable Remainder Trust. Terry and Kris are the son and daughter-in-law of Raymond.

Jack And Engrid Meng Family Center

Family and friends waiting for loved ones to come out of surgery will have a more comfortable environment thanks to the generosity of Jack and Engrid Meng. The family center enhancements in the hospital's waiting areas will have a fresh new look with additional seating, vending and expanded wireless internet capabilities.  

Norman And Shirlyn Miller Digestive Health Center

Located in the 725 Webster Medical Building.

Bellin’s Digestive Health Center is a regional leader in this area of medicine and was named in honor of the Millers in recognition of their support of the delivery of effective, efficient, and accessible health, wellness, and prevention services. The Millers’ gift is permanently endowed and restricted for use in support of continued and professional education for nurses employed by Bellin Health and working in The Norman and Shirlyn Miller Digestive Health Center.

Donald F. Harden Executive Conference Room

Located on the 7th floor of the hospital.

The naming of this conference room recognizes the enormous impact Donald Harden has had on Bellin Health, serving as a member of the board of directors from 1976 - 1992, Chairman of the Board from 1990-1992, Bellin Foundation President from 1994-2004, and Government Relations Consultant 2004–2006.

Michael T. Riordan West Conference Room

Located on the 7th floor of the hospital.

This conference room recognizes the substantial impact Michael Riordan has had on Bellin Health through his outstanding leadership, devotion and philanthropic support as an active member of Bellin’s Executive Committee (chairman in 1997), Board of Directors and Committee on Administration.

John R. Underwood Conference Room/Education Center

The John R. Underwood conference room located on the 8th floor of the Hospital, was a gift in honor of John's birthday and in recognition of the many years of service to Bellin Health. John has been an active Board member for the past 32 years, and is a member of the Board of Directors and Finance Committee.

Karl And Dorothy Graschberger Memorial Garden (Cass Street Walkway)

Located in the skywalk spanning Cass Street.

This inviting and serene area is designed for families and staff to have a quiet moment. This gift by JoAnn Graschberger, a long-time volunteer at Bellin and a member of Concerned Hearts Club, is in memory of her parents.

Bellin Health Partners Family & Community Resource Center

Located off the Laird Welcome Center.

Patients, family members and physicians find the Resource Center an invaluable tool for answering questions about illnesses, satisfying a casual curiosity about new medical discoveries and serving as an additional resource for medical professionals.

Wall Of Miracles

Located outside of Kress Birthing Center on the hospital’s 3rd floor.

This project marks the first major program endeavor of The Bellin Health Foundation supporting Bellin's Healthy Mothers-Healthy Babies initiative. Healthy Mothers-Healthy Babies provides moms-to-be with educational information about how to make wise and healthy choices during pregnancy so their babies have the best chance of a healthy life.

Mary Ellen And Carl Kuehne Imaging Center And Women's Services

Located in the lower level of the hospital.

Patients who come for mammograms and ultrasounds are assured peace of mind with the combination of respect, privacy, quality care and advanced technology. It offers exceptional convenience as all imaging is done in one location. The Women's Services area includes five mammogram rooms, one stereotactic room and a women's waiting room with a locker room and rest room. The Imaging Center performs thousands of procedures each year.

Marguerite L. Kress Birthing Center

Located on the 3rd floor of the hospital.

We want the most special time in your life also to be the most memorable. That’s why our eighteen labor, delivery, recovery and post partum (LDRP) rooms feature the most advanced amenities and family-oriented design as any you’d find in the country. With an “at-home” atmosphere, they offer a large space and are furnished with a pullout sleep chair, stereo, small refrigerator and TV with a VCR/DVD player. Physician workstations are larger so moms can watch doctors examine their newborns. The family lounge and nursery are also spacious. Security in the Kress Birthing Center is first rate, with five cameras located throughout the unit and doors that are locked to the outside requiring visitors and staff to be admitted to the unit.

The Meredith B. And John N. Rose Health Sciences Library And Classroom

Located at 725 Webster Medical Building in the Bellin College of Nursing.

The Rose Library is a community resource, open to physicians, Bellin College of Nursing faculty and students, Bellin Health staff and members of the Community. It focuses on health science resources. The Rose Classroom serves the college's 200+ students, as well as being available as a meeting room for the Green Bay community.

Robert And Leslie Shade Cardiac Care Center

Located on the 5th floor of Bellin Hospital Cardiac Care Center. A magnificent gift by Robert and Leslie Shade was used in the construction of the new cardiac care center.

Jim And Gerry Christoph Pediatric Center

Bellin Health’s Pediatrics Department provides a comprehensive set of services to meet your child’s needs, from infant to teen. Inpatient services are provided in the Christoph Pediatric Unit. It was designed for the needs of children, from the child-size furniture, to the family accommodations where parents can stay with their children, to the fun décor.

Richard And Joyce Bush Sleep And Pulmonary Center

Located on the 7th floor of the hospital.

This Center for sleep and pulmonary function testing puts patients in a comfortable, home-like setting. The Center’s sleep rooms include a telephone, temperature control, cable TV, bathroom, queen-size bed, and digital video monitoring. Many of the Center’s staff are nationally registered with the Academy of Sleep Medicine and all of the equipment is state-of-the-art.

Emil And Gail Fischer Therapy Center

Located on the 8th floor of the hospital.

Physical, occupational and speech therapy services are enhanced in this environment that promotes healing through spectacular views, a caring staff and a peaceful atmosphere. The Emil and Gail Fischer Therapy Center cares for thousands of patients each year, ranging in age from only days old to nearly 100 years old.

Carol And Robert Bush Orthopedic Center

Located on the 8th floor of the hospital.

High atop Bellin Health, this center of clinical excellence offers individuals an inviting, patient-centered environment revered for its breath-taking view. The Center has 25 spacious rooms with push-through cupboards, which allow staff to replenish items from the hallway and not disturb patients. Bellin’s orthopedic services have received commendations from some of the nation’s foremost quality-rating authorities.

Schreiber Foods Outpatient Surgery Recovery Unit

Located on the 8th floor of the hospital.

This bright and spacious setting provides patients with private and quiet surroundings to ease their recovery after surgery. Each year, thousands of patients recover from their surgery in this unit before going home.

Ray And Pat Van Den Heuvel Family Power Plant

Located one block north of the hospital.

The Ray and Pat Van Den Heuvel Family Power Plant is home to the electric services, boilers, chillers and emergency generators. It also includes a workshop, a loading dock and freight elevation. 

Halron Family Robotic Surgical Suite

The Halron's helped Bellin Health establish the first robotics program in Northeastern Wisconsin, utilizing the da Vinci Robot in 2005.  Bellin Health now has three da Vinci Robots and has performed over 2200 procedures.

There are 19 surgeons trained at Bellin Health to use the robots in four specialties which include urology, gynecology, general surgery and thoracic surgery. The da Vinci robots are designed to preserve the natural eye-hand-instrument alignment.  The robots instrument tips can rotate like the human wrist, allowing surgeons to perform complex surgeries.  Surgeons using conventional laparoscopy must operate with long-shafted, non-wristed instruments, which is similar to using a single chopstick or knitting needle in each hand.  Surgeons view the operative site on a standard 2D video monitor that can't provide depth of the surgical field.  In contrast, the da Vinci robots can provide surgeons dramatically better precision, vision, dexterity and control allowing them to use a minimally invasive approach in complex surgical procedures. 

Several Bellin Health general and gynecologic surgeons are among the first in Wisconsin to perform Single-Site da Vinci robotic surgery to remove a gallbladder (cholecystectomy) and uterus (hysterectomy) from patients.  Patients who choose Single-Site da Vinci robotic surgery experience a virtually scarless procedure since surgery is performed through only one incision in the belly button, which dramatically limits visible scarring.

Benefits of robotic surgery are reduced pain, minimal scarring, lower infection risk, faster recovery and shorter hospital stays, which can result in overall lower costs to the patient.

Daniel R. Smith Board Room

Located on the 3rd Floor.

This conference room was given in Smith’s honor by Bellin Health Employees in June 1977.  The room was rededicated in 2008 to recognize Smith’s distinguished service as Administrator/President 1967-1987, Board of Directors 1981-1987 and Corporate Board 1981-1987.

Norman Miller Water Fountain

Located at the Bellin Health Cancer Team Facility.

A water fountain bearing the name of Norman Miller was dedicated in the memory of Norman Miller by Jim & Betty Strohschein and the Norman Miller Family in recognition of Norman Miller’s service to Bellin Health.

Meditation Room

Located on the 4th floor Palliative Care Area.

A gift from the Volunteer Advisory Council established the Meditation Room which is used by patients and families to find resources, end of life care and relaxation and meditation resources.

Hendrickson Family Emergency Services Pavillion

Located on the 1st floor and on the Van Buren Street side of the hospital. The Hendrickson Family Emergency Services Pavillion allows patients and their families to experience an efficient, effective new entry point to all that Bellin offers. The reception area is configured to minimize front-end back-ups, speeding triage and reducing demand for waiting room space. Multifunctional treatment rooms maximize flexibility in bed placement, allowing for seamless expansion and contraction of areas as needed. Alternative treatment spaces provide care to less urgent cases and patients requiring further monitoring, freeing up beds for those who truly need them. In essence, the new Pavilion provides the welcoming, nurturing and healing environment people need for positive outcomes.

Located within The Hendrickson Family Emergency Services Pavillion:

Ann Kapitz Ambulance Bays

The Ambulance Bays were given in honor of Ann Kapitz by Phil and Betsy Hendrickson in September 2010. The Bays were designed in close coordination with the area's many Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) in Brown County and the surrounding areas to assure state of the art facilities and technology for patients arriving to Bellin by ambulance.

John M. and Meredith B. Rose X-Ray Suite

A gift made by John and Sharon Rose in memory of John’s parents and in recognition of their long standing commitment to this community. With the X-Ray Suite located inside the Pavilion, patients are able to receive diagnostic x-rays without having to leave the emergency area, resulting in faster diagnosis and better outcomes.

Associated Bank Staff Lounge

In appreciation of the high quality of services Bellin provides, the Staff Lounge was given by Associated Bank.

Larry and Lois Weyers Admissions Center

Patients and families registering at the Hendrickson Family Emergency Services Pavilion will have a more comfortable and attractive environment thanks to the generosity of Larry and Lois Weyers. This gift is in recognition of Larry’s service to the Bellin Board of Directors and is given in appreciation of the high quality of services Bellin provides.

Wisconsin Public Service KidCare Area

With specially trained emergency medicine Pediatricians on site 24/7, patients under 18 yrs. of age receive the highest quality emergency medical treatment with facilities and technology designed just for them thanks to Wisconsin Public Service.

Schreiber Foods KidCare Nursing Station

Schreiber Foods, Inc. and their strong support for children in this community made possible a gift to provide a state of the art nursing station, which supports the work of the KidCare services at Bellin.

James and Betty Strohschein Nursing Station

In appreciation of the high quality of services Bellin provides, this nursing station was given by James and Betty Strohschein.

L.G. Wood and Fredrick E. Baer Diagnostic Suite

In honor of their father and grandfather, the sons of Fredrick E Baer and grandsons of L.G. Wood, through the L.G. Wood Foundation, gave a gift which provides a state of the art diagnostic suite, located within the Pavilion. The suite includes two CAT scanners, one of which provides the most advanced images and is the only one of its kind in Wisconsin. The suite has access to the Laird Welcome Center for outpatient admission but also has access directly from the Emergency area for emergency patients.

George Kress Foundation Observation Concourse

For patients with suspected heart attacks and others needing medical observation, this area allows them to be closely supervised by emergency nursing staff without being admitted to an inpatient unit. This saves both hassle and money for the patient and provides the best possible care during the observation period. In appreciation of the high quality of services Bellin provides, this observation concourse was given by the George Kress Foundation.

Lutsey Family Lounge

Family waiting for loved ones in the Hendrickson Family Emergency Services Pavilion will have a more comfortable environment thanks to the generosity of Tom and Sharon Lutsey, Jr. The family lounge offers comfortable seating, refreshments and most importantly privacy.

Somerville Inc. Architects/Engineers Family Counseling Lounge

This calm and spacious setting provides families with private and quiet surroundings to ease their pain and anxiety around difficult news. In appreciation of the high quality of services Bellin provides, this counseling lounge was given by Somerville Inc. Architects/Engineers.

Emergency Medicine Services, S. C. EMS Lounge

Located within the ambulance bays, this lounge provides Emergency Medical Technicians a respite to recover after a difficult ambulance transport. Equipped with a shower, bathroom, kitchen facilities and complimentary food and drink, EMS personnel can properly refresh and prepare for the next ambulance call. In appreciation of all EMS professionals, this EMS Lounge was given by Emergency Medicine Services, S.C.

Critical Care Rooms

The following people have provided the gift of one critical care patient exam room within the Hendrickson Family Emergency Pavilion:

  • Bruce and Carol Bell
  • Belmark
  • Robert H. and Jane G. Laird
  • The Dykema Family
KidCare Rooms

The following people have provided the gift of one KidCare patient exam room within the Hendrickson Family Emergency Pavilion:

  • Festival Foods (2)
Patient Care Rooms

The following people have provided the gift of one patient care exam room within the Hendrickson Family Emergency Pavilion:

  • Terry and Kris Fulwiler
  • IEI Contractors (2)
  • Cardiology Associates of Green Bay
  • Shirlyn Miller
  • Ruth and Dan Smith
  • Tweet/Garot Mechanical Inc.
  • Jim and Kathy Zimmermann
  • Anonymous
  • Dale and Kay Lyndahl
  • Liebman, Conway, Olejniczak and Jerry
  • Anesthesia Associates of Green Bay
  • K.C. Stock Foundation
  • Konop Family Fund
  • Jack and Inky Meng
  • Jack and Inky Meng in memory of Dr. and Mrs. O.M. Hitch
  • Patricia W. Baer
  • Pete and Karen Knox 
Other Gifts to the Pavillion

The following people have provided a gift to assist with the development and construction of the Hendrickson Family Emergency Pavilion:

  • Susan Finco and Ed Kralovec
  • Anonymous
  • Jon and Becky Stellmacher
  • Harriet Ziemer
  • Aaron Popkey and Jennifer Lynch
  • Dr. Christopher Laws Family
  • John and Gail Underwood
  • Scott and Nancy Armbrust
  • Robert and Beverly Nelson
  • Concerned Hearts Club of Northeastern Region of WI
  • Tosca Limited
  • Surgical specialists of Green Bay
  • Mark and Mary McMullen
  • John and Cindy Jones
  • Michael and Kathleen Frohna
  • Nan and Terry Bush
  • Robert and Carmen Gallagher
  • George and Eileen Burnett
  • Bellin Health Leadership Team
  • Bellin Health Employee Sharing Program Participants
  • The Kosmoski Family
The Wound Healing Center

The Wisconsin Public Service Foundation Patient Registration Area- The Patient Registration Area is dedicated to the WPS Foundation. It was the desire of the Foundation to provide funds to support these patient's non-medical needs, such as gas cards, meal vouchers, hotel accomodations, child care, as they received daily treatments, often for many weeks and from great distances.

The Neuro Team

Allison Hunt Bush Welcome Center- The Welcome Center is dedicated in loving memory to Allison by her family and friends. Allison suffered from a chronic pain condition as a result of the shingles virus. She was a 24 year old senior at UW-Madison with a double major in psychology and neurology and planned to become an anesthesiologist. Allison's goal was to help treat the mind, body and spirit of patients, like herself, who suffered from chronic pain. Since Allison is not able to realize her dream, the Welcome Center at Bellin's Neuro Team is a fitting tribute to her because it will provide the help to chronic pain patients which Allison had hoped to provide herself. 

The Cloud Family Registration Area- The Registration Area is dedicated to the Cloud Family by the Cloud Family Foundation. Walter Cloud, the grandson of the founder of the Foundation, was a registered nurse on the Bellin Health Christoph Pediatric Unit, a strong Bellin advocate and served on the Cloud Family Foundation Board. It was the desire of the Cloud Family Foundation to support the work of the Neuro Team at Bellin by providing funds to assist with brain, spine and pain medical issues. 

Resch Medical Unit

Located on the 4th Floor of Bellin Hospital, the Medical Unit plays a critical role in the care of patients. Dick and Sharon Resch have long been associated with Bellin Health as a former board member and through our relationship with KI where Dick serves as Chairman and CEO. The Resch Medical Unit was dedicated in August 2013.