Fellowship Trained Physicians

When you’re facing an orthopedic problem, it only makes sense that you want an orthopedic physician who has the most training, and the most experience to care for you. That means you want a physician who is Fellowship Trained in the area of the body giving you trouble. And not just any run of the mill fellowship, but the finest in the nation training the finest orthopedic physicians. Welcome to Titletown Sports Medicine and Orthopedics. 

Dr. Spears and Dr. McKenzie received their training from renowned orthopedic surgeon James Andrews, committing the time and effort required of this rigorous program to become experts in arthroscopic ligament reconstruction of the knee and shoulder. Their focus on the knee and shoulder have allowed them to move from good or average to the finest surgeons you will find for the procedures they perform. 

Dr. Anderson completed the most prestigious foot and ankle fellowship in the nation and is recognized around the world as one of the very finest foot and ankle experts available. He doesn’t dabble with other procedures, he has committed to expertise in the foot and ankle and his results show the difference focus on one region can bring. 

Fellowship trained physicians have the most training possible in their area of focus. They have the most experience and the greatest expertise. By training with the best, they become the best! Dr. Ebben is a medical consultant to the Green Bay Packers and a driving force behind one of the most elite sports medicine and orthopedic programs in the world. He has been a pioneer in our state as the medical director of the state’s largest sports medicine program for over 25 years. He treats some of the biggest names in sports. As a primary care sports medicine physician he treats the complete athlete and ensures that athletes at every level get the best care. You can find him at Titletown.