Bellin in Reach

Bellin in Reach is a free program designed to keep you connected with your trusted Green Bay providers should a healthcare need arise while you are traveling. Through the program, individuals traveling outside of the area for a day or for months - or anything in between - can access medical information, connect with Bellin's medical experts, or arrange to be transported back to Bellin Health for care. For more information, click here.

Specific features of the program include: access to Bellin registered nurses 24/7 through a special Bellin In Reach hotline. Advice, called Triage Care, can be given by the nurses and tailored to you, based on your medical history, which is obtained at the start of the program. Messages can be sent to your primary care physician, if affiliated with Bellin Health, that you have called the In Reach service. As needed, appointments with your Bellin primary care physician or specialist can be made, as well as referrals to other Bellin providers. Medication refills can be arranged for you. In addition, members with Bellin primary care physicians will receive a phone call from the physician and/or physician's office within 48 hours, unless your medical condition requires immediate attention. Finally, based on medical necessity or personal preference, you may wish to be transferred from out of the area to Bellin Hospital for your care. Every effort will be made to accommodate your decision or the decision of your Power of Attorney. In the event a transfer is medically safe for you, Bellin Health will begin arranging the transfer for you. You and/or family members will be kept informed about the transfer details. (Please note that all coordination and communication of a transfer is a complimentary part of the Bellin In Reach program; however, the cost of the actual transfer is not included. Also, transfers are only possible within the continental United States of America.)

To become an In Reach member, simply contact the Bellin Health Foundation office at (920) 433-3731 and ask for a Bellin In Reach enrollment form. A form will be sent to you with additional In Reach information. You will receive a Bellin in Reach confirmation letter after your enrollment form is received.