Bellin Health Foundation Receives Grant from Leon H. and Clymene M. Bond Foundation

Bond Community Center will benefit from $27,500 award

The Bellin Health Foundation has been awarded a $27,500 grant from the Leon H. and Clymene M. Bond Foundation, which will directly benefit the Bellin Health Bond Community Center. The grant will be utilized to support the second phase of the center’s playground project, sustain monthly Family Nights and fund the second annual Kids’ Triathlon.

The grant allows Bond Community Center to expand its facilities and programming, providing more opportunities for families in the local community. With the funds received, the second phase of the playground will be developed, creating a safe and engaging environment for children of all ages to play and socialize.

The grant will also enable the continuation of monthly Family Nights, which have become a popular and cherished event for families. These nights offer various activities, workshops and educational sessions so community members can gather and connect.

The highly anticipated second annual Kids’ Triathlon will build upon the success of the inaugural event in August, providing young athletes with an exciting and rewarding experience. This event aims to promote a healthy and active lifestyle among children, fostering a sense of camaraderie and healthy competition.

“We are tremendously grateful to the Leon H. and Clymene M. Bond Foundation for their generous support," said Kasey Eisch Ermis, Bellin Health Team Facilitator at Oconto Fitness. “This grant will allow us to enhance our facilities and programming, further strengthening our ability to positively impact the lives of families in our community.”