Employer Partnership Success Stories

We spend more time at work than we do outside of work. As an employer, what if you could improve the health of your employees, reduce claims costs, and improve workforce productivity?

It’s part of our Total Health Package, helping businesses achieve positive health outcomes for their workforce at a lower, more affordable cost for all.

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John Gabris, Fincantieri Marinette Marine

John Gabris standing in front of a Military shop with a hard hat on

Achievements: Quit smoking. Lost 73 pounds. Eating healthy. Exercising.
Life impact: No regrets! Enjoying active vacations with family. Looking forward to a longer life.

Read John's story, in his own words.

Jeff Vandenlangenberg, AriensCo

Achievements: Changed careers. Regained use of and feeling in his wrist/fingers. Builds lawn mowers used worldwide.
Life impact: I credit Bellin Health for treating my acute pain, numbness, and tingling through early intervention. My career isn’t slowing down, unless I want to take a slow ride on the mower in my backyard for fun.

Read Jeff's story, in his own words.