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Would you like to manage your Bellin Health appointments online?

When you join MyBellinHealth, it gives you access to some powerful tools that can help make healthcare easier, faster and maybe even safer by giving you the ability to access and share important medical information when you need it. You’ll find information and tools to help in managing appointments, billing, questions, prescriptions, and more. You can even manage the health of your children or adult family members. Full access available for anyone 13 and up.

MyBellinHealth lets you:

  • Communicate with your care team through a protected website
  • Schedule appointments online
  • Refill prescription online
  • View lab test results
  • View your health information
  • Track your health
  • View and pay your bills online
  • Schedule and conduct a virtual visit right from your home
  • Complete health information forms prior to visits

Activate your MyBellinHealth Account Today

Online activation is now easier than ever and can be completed within minutes. Just visit the Register Now page and go through the activation process.

Manage your family's health via "proxy access". To set up proxy access you can either:

  • Fill out a form at your next clinic visit
  • Request access online. Once you are active on MyBellinHealth, login to the site and Select Menu > Share Record > family member card > give ongoing access to your MyBellinHealth. 

Access for Adolescent Patients

Some adolescent patients ages 13-17 may be ready to take a more active role in their own healthcare by having their own MyBellinHealth account. To give parental permission for this service fill out a form at your next clinic visit

How Does It Work?

MyBellinHealth is a secure, private online site that you can access through the web. When you join, you'll have your own, personal login information that will take you to your account. There you'll have access to information and tools that can help you manage appointments, billing, questions, prescriptions and more. Even manage your children or adult family member's health information.

MyBellinHealth Smart Phone Application

MyBellinHealth is available on a smart phone app for both iPhone and Android platforms via the Mychart app. Below are links to download the app. Information on how to set up the application on your smartphone is available here.

Ask any staff member at your Bellin Health Family Medical Center for more information. Or visit

Visit the MyBellinHealth Registration page Now to create your own, free account and start using these powerful healthcare management tools today.