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The Neuroscience team of providers includes specialists from many different fields. While you may end up seeing providers from more than one of these specialties, all of the providers have the same goal- to help you return to the quality of life you want. To help you return to normal. Read below to learn the types of specialists who make up our care team.

Pain Management Specialist: These providers give you options for treating your pain.  They work with you to design a plan of care based on what kind of pain you are facing, what treatments you have already tried and what treatments you are interested in trying.  No two people respond the same to any of the treatment options, so these providers are constantly working with you to try different things until they find what works for you.

List of Bellin Health’s Pain Management Specialists

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Physician: hese providers are specially trained to help you regain your strength and function. They work with you to help get you back to your normal day- to-day activities.

List of Bellin Health’s Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Physicians

Neurologist: If you or a loved one suffers from a brain or nervous system disorder, a neurologist can provide specialized care. These providers are specially trained to diagnose and treat problems with your brain and nervous system. Your treatment will likely involve tests to rate your motor strength, reflexes, balance, and other brain or nervous system functions.

List of Bellin Health’s Neurologists

Neurosurgeon: For patients who live with pain or functional problems affecting the brain or spine, a neurosurgeon can perform surgery to reduce or heal the condition. Surgery may also help to prevent a brain or spinal disorder from happening. These providers are trained to surgically fix problems in your brain and spinal cord.

List of Bellin Health’s Neurosurgeons

Psychologist: Part of a psychologist’s work may include finding and treating mental health issues that impact a patient’s pain condition. A psychologist may also lead research or teach about this field.

List of Bellin Health’s Psychologists

Neuropsychologists: Mental health specialists help patients to gain greater coping skills for a variety of life issues. Counseling may take place in a one-to-one (mental health professional and patient), family, or small group setting. These providers are trained to help identify problems when you brain is not functioning normally (example-memory problems).  They are also trained at helping a person learn coping skills and treating depression and anxiety.

List of Bellin Health's Neuropsychologists

Physical Therapists: Therapists trained to help restore function and decrease pain.

Occupational Therapists: Therapists trained to help a person restore their ability to perform normal life activities.

Speech Therapists: Therapists who help with speech and brain retraining.

Case Managers: Case managers measure a patient’s needs, gather resources to address pain management or mental health issues, and review a patient’s progress. Specialists who assist a patient in obtaining the services and care they need. These providers are aware of support services that are available. Case managers help identify a patient’s needs and gather resources to address those needs (example- resources to help with the cost of medications).