Bellin Titletown Partners with Velocity Performance Training

Bellin Health Titletown Sports Medicine & Orthopedics is excited to announce its partnership with Velocity Performance Training, bringing an abundance of athletic training resources to its baseball- and softball-centered athletes.

“Velocity is excited to enter this three-year partnership with Bellin Health, ensuring our athletes receive high-quality, multifaceted care,” said Velocity Owner Mike Collins. “This partnership combines the best healthcare with the top baseball and softball performance training, providing well-rounded development of our area’s athletes.”

This partnership aligns with the elite care Bellin Health has provided to its patients and community for more than 110 years. In addition to physical wellbeing, this partnership will also focus on the equally important matters of nutritional and mental wellness.

“We are looking forward to establishing this unique partnership with Velocity,” said Phil Schaible, Bellin Health Director of Orthopedics & Sports Medicine. “Building strong community relationships is of utmost important to us, and Titletown Sports Medicine takes great pride in meeting the sports medicine needs of our partners. We care for and help build athletes, and Velocity trains them to be the best baseball and softball players they can be.”

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