Packers, Bellin Emphasize Weather Safety Ahead of 5K

Participants asked to be prepared for heat, possible storms

Green Bay Packers and Bellin Health officials are encouraging participants to race smart and be aware of changing weather conditions during the Saturday, July 24 Packers 5K Walk/Run.

Temperatures in the mid-70s are forecast for the 8 a.m. race start, with pop-up thunderstorms possible before and during the event. Runners and walkers should be aware of the following heat safety and general awareness tips:
Hydrate well before the event
Slow down! A hot day is not the time to shoot for a personal best.
• Wear light-colored, loose-fitting clothing, preferably something that wicks moisture. Do not wear cotton.
• We have two water stations on the course. Stay hydrated and consider dumping a cup over your head (drink one, dump one).
Listen to your body. If you’re lightheaded, can’t catch your breath or something else doesn’t feel right, stop or slow down. Seek assistance from volunteers, police, medical personnel on bikes (red shirts) or medical personnel at water stations.
• If you have underlying health conditions that may be impacted by the heat, you may wish to consider walking instead of running or not participating this year.
• Be mindful of our color-coded Emergency Alert System, which is posted at the start line and the on-course aid stations. In the event of threatening weather (lightning, high winds, unsafe temperatures), the event staff will direct participants to safety. Please follow their instructions.