Health Systems Team Up to Promote COVID-19 Vaccination

‘Unity, Community, Immunity’ campaign shows we’re all in this together 

Bellin Health, Prevea Health and the Oneida Nation are joining forces to promote COVID-19 vaccination through an exciting new public campaign. 

The “Unity, Community, Immunity” initiative encourages community members from all ages and demographic groups to come together around getting vaccinated and beating COVID-19. It showcases community members speaking from the heart about why vaccination is critical.

The campaign will include television*, digital and social media, billboards and newspaper advertisements in English and Spanish. It aims to show that no matter what an individual’s background, lifestyle or personal or political preferences, we can all benefit from rolling up our sleeves and getting the shot.

“We need a united front to fight COVID-19. If we all commit to getting shots in arms, we can get back to doing the things we all enjoy,” said Bellin Health President and CEO Chris Woleske. “It doesn’t matter where someone chooses to get vaccinated, just that they do — and now is the time to make that happen.”

The campaign also aims to combat some of the misinformation that has circulated about the vaccines, said Dr. Ashok Rai, President and CEO at Prevea Health. 

“The science behind the effectiveness of these vaccines is real and we should trust it,” Rai said. “Please, get vaccinated for COVID-19 – not only for yourself and loved ones but for your fellow community members so that we may all return to normal as soon as possible. This is our one great shot at putting this pandemic behind us, but we can only accomplish that if we think and work together as a community.”

Oneida Nation Chairman Tehassi Hill agreed, adding:

“With A Good Mind, A Good Heart and A Strong Fire, I urge our community to get vaccinated against Covid-19. Please get vaccinated for yourself, your family and community but most importantly for the future seven generations. Yaw^ko”

Individuals in Northeast Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan can expect to begin seeing elements of the “Unity, Community, Immunity” campaign in the coming days. More information is available in English at and in Spanish at

* Members of the news media may view and share campaign spots via the Unity Immunity Community YouTube channel.