Bellin Launches Long COVID Care Service

Help is available for those still experiencing symptoms, related ailments

Individuals who continue to suffer from COVID-19 symptoms weeks or even months post-infection have a new tool in fighting their illness.

Bellin Health has launched Long COVID Care, a service dedicated to caring for patients who are still experiencing symptoms and related ailments long after their active infection has passed. These issues may include shortness of breath, cough, fatigue, body aches, joint pain, difficulty sleeping, headaches, brain fog, gastrointestinal issues and dizziness.

Though not technical terms, “post-COVID long-haulers” and “long-haul COVID” have become common names for a common condition — the failure to return to a pre-COVID state of health weeks or even months after active infection has ended. Bellin’s new service is named for these now-common terms.

“While some patients recover from COVID-19 relatively quickly and completely, we know that up to 30 percent of patients continue to have symptoms for weeks after testing positive — even when tests no longer detect virus in their body,” said Bellin Health Primary Care physician Dr. James Jerzak, who has led the health system’s efforts in developing the new service. “What’s more, as many as 10 percent are still afflicted three to six months later, which can have a significant impact on their quality of life and overall health.”

Bellin Health’s Long COVID Care service is rooted in a patient’s relationship with their Primary Care Provider, allowing for personalized, ongoing care as long as the patient requires it.
• Individuals who have a Primary Care Provider are invited to call or message their provider’s office for an assessment of symptoms and, if needed, to connect with additional members of their Bellin care team.
• Individuals who don’t have a Primary Care Provider are invited to call Bellin’s Long COVID Care Hotline at (920) 445-7395. The health system’s trained navigators will assist patients in getting connected to the care they need.

More information about the new Long COVID Care service is available at