Bellin Health Care Systems, Green Bay, Wisconsin

Bellin Completes its 5,000th Robotics Surgery

Bellin Health recently completed its 5,000th robotic-assisted surgery, further advancing its position as Green Bay and the surrounding region’s leader in use of the technology to improve surgical precision and benefit patients.

“We’re celebrating this milestone because it is an affirmation that the investment in this technology is improving healthcare in this region,” said Lori Rexses, Bellin Health vice president of anesthesia and surgery. “In the hands of an experienced surgeon, it is the safest and most cost-effective choice for many surgical procedures.”

Bellin Health implemented the da Vinci robotic surgery system in 2005, making it one of the first in the world to offer the ground-breaking technology. The health system now has three robotic units, two at Bellin Hospital and one at Bellin Health Oconto Hospital.

During robotic-assisted surgery, small incisions are made to allow the insertion of viewing scopes and thin arms with tiny surgical instruments. A surgeon sits at a separate console to control the instruments using hand and foot controls while looking through a magnified 3D high-definition vision system. The tools bend and rotate with far greater dexterity and range than a human hand, resulting in greater control and precision.

Robotic-assisted surgery is considered the preferred treatment for surgeries ranging from partial nephrectomies to treat kidney cancer, to hysterectomies, many pelvic-floor surgeries, certain thoracic surgeries, hernia repair and several more general surgery procedures.

Patient benefits include less pain than traditional surgery, smaller incisions and less blood loss, quicker recovery and less chance of infection.

Nearly two dozen surgeons perform robotic-assisted surgery at Bellin. The health system is on pace to complete more than 800 robotic-assisted surgeries this year.