Bellin Behavioral Health Clinic to Open at Green Bay School

The Green Bay Area Public School District and Bellin Health have announced the creation of the Bellin Behavioral Health Clinic at the Dr. Rosa Minoka-Hill School, slated to open in early February.

“This was an opportunity to better assist students and families by providing a more easily accessible service,” said Sharla Baenen, president of Bellin Psychiatric Center. “It’s rewarding to work with a long-time partner, such as the Green Bay Area Public School District, to understand their needs and create a program to better meet those needs.”

The Dr. Rosa Minoka-Hill School in Green Bay opened its doors in 2014 to serve students with a continuum of learning needs. Numerous supports are provided for a student base with a wide-range of issues that inhibit their ability to be successful at a traditional school. The school is structured to address root causes of those issues, with the goal of enabling students to make a successful transition back to a regular school setting.

A child psychiatrist and a licensed therapist will provide behavioral and mental health services at the school-based clinic several times a month. The behavioral health clinic is available only to Minoka-Hill students and will be geared toward helping students make the transitioning back to their home school.

The intent is to remove barriers that Minoka-Hill students and families have accessing behavioral and mental health services.  Students and families who have a previously established relationship with a medical provider are encouraged to continue to seek services from that provider.

Bellin Health is a long-time partner of the Green Bay Area Public School District, providing several services including licensed athletic training services to high schools, and health and wellness programs for teachers and staff. The health system and school district partnered in 2010 to establish the Thrive! program, which promotes healthy habits for elementary and middle school students and families, as a way to foster an environment for learning.