Throwing Assessment

The act of throwing is one of the fastest human movement patterns ever recorded, with arm rotation traveling at angular speeds of 6,000 to 9,000 degrees/second. That’s not something you can capture with an old camcorder, let alone the naked eye. Bellin Health Titletown Sports Medicine & Orthopedics provides state-of-the-art assessment and evaluation for throwers of all ages and all experience levels.

The goal of the biometric pitching evaluation is to reduce the risk of injury by evaluating the efficiency of a thrower's mechanics. A thrower who generates arm speed by using his or her entire body uses less force and torque on the throwing arm.

The throwing assessment program at Titletown is dedicated to screening, treating, and training any individual who throws. From baseball to softball, football to shotput, and everything in between, Bellin Health has the tools to keep you on the field and perform at your highest level.

The throwing assessment program provides valuable information and recommendations for any injured athlete looking to make their way back onto the field, as well as healthy individuals looking to gain an edge and perform at the highest level.

Each Throwing Assessment includes:

  • A full physical examination
  • 2D and 3D throwing analysis
  • On-site video review
  • Specialized instruction for a home exercise program with drill work and strengthening recommendations
  • A take home report and DVD of the assessment

The 8-camera high-speed motion-capture system records the act of throwing at 240 frames per second, giving our highly trained physical therapists insight on your specific throwing motion. The 3D markerless motion-capture system gathers objective information regarding joint angles, velocities, lengths and more. It is the only clinic-based markerless 3D capture system of its kind in Wisconsin.

Please call (920) 430-4890 for pricing, as health insurance coverage may apply and may vary.
Team and group rates are also available. Each assessment is 90 minutes.