Corporate Compliance

Bellin Health Systems, Inc. Statement of Commitment to Corporate Compliance:

Integrity and trust are essential to the provision of health care services by Bellin Health Systems, Inc. and all of its subsidiaries.

Our patients are entitled to rely on that trust. They are to be treated at all times with respect and dignity.

Bellin Health Systems, Inc. is committed to prevention and detection of any fraudulent or abusive activities in its business dealings and has developed a Corporate Compliance Program to further that commitment.

Corporate compliance means that everyone associated with Bellin Health Systems will try to understand all legal and other requirements that relate to our jobs and comply with them. Any shortcomings or concerns are to be reported to a supervisor, the Compliance Officer, or the Chief Executive Officer so that they can be dealt with appropriately. If you have a question or concern, please call the Compliance Officer at (920) 433-3585, or email the Compliance Officer at

-- Adopted by Board of Directors June 15, 1998.